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5/12/06 11:06 am - Obligatory Post-E3 Rant Post

GameSpot is offering free downloads of the COMPLETE version of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl main theme (IE, no interruptions when Wario shows up). Good to see Uematsu's getting work nowadays that's not for the Microsoft 3shitty and Blue Dragon. Excellent little piece of music, although it almost seems a tad too dramatic for a Smash game. Go hit it up, though. Contrary to popular belief, Uematsu hasn't lost his edge. FFX was just such a shitty game that his music suffered by association to it. Note the Black Mages albums and Advent Children's soundtrack if you're a cynic.

That being said, I'm staying out of the whole MICROSOFT IS ALLYING WITH NINTENDO bullshit argument. Microsoft is just using words to try and draw people away from what they really see as competition. They always do this, and Peter Moore is a notorious douchebag. Remember his promises before the 360 came out? "The XBox 360 will promise movie-quality graphics (a bullshit statement that's still on 360 ads in game stores TODAY), and a truly innovative game experience (Oh, so the latest EA Sports game is innovative? Coulda fooled me)." They have no interest in befriending Nintendo. They're just not afraid of the Wii. Sony is who they fear, because they know that the graphics fanboys and FFHeads will still be loyal to Sony. Not to mention the fact that even after E3, the 360 STILL has no notable titles that aren't PC games as well. Not to say the PS3 is doing much better, but at least they have the next Suikoden game, Kingdom Hearts 3, Devil May Cry 4, and yes, Nippon Ichi (even if they've become a real one-trick pony lately). If Sony can solve the pricing issue, I foresee a lot of people's cynicism evaporating. $500 and $600 isn't a good enough staggered price stage, especially since the "cheaper" PS3 loses A LOT of functions, whereas the low-standard 360 is at least upgradeable to have a hard drive later. If they can somehow price down the ridiculous amount of new technology they're using, Sony would win a lot of people back.

As for the Wii...eh. I still hate the system, and after hearing the TRUTH about Red Steel (the gun parts are not as responsive as a light gun game, and the sword parts are really just a simulated virtual experience, where the sword doesn't follow your movements at all), I've got little faith in its survival, but I'll probably end up buying one for two reasons: Twilight Princess and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Both are playable with the GameCube controller, and I've loved Smash games since the original came out. I can't pass up a chance like that. Nintendo's even accepting character idea submissions for Brawl on their website! How cool is that? I personally think it'd be an all-star idea if Nintendo pulls in a guest character or two from each of their biggest third party developers. My own personal submissions are as follows:

Terra from Final Fantasy VI, with human and Esper modes - It's not particularly likely, but FFVI is getting a rerelease on the GBA later this year, which means putting someone from the game in Brawl could be good publicity, much like Marth and Roy did for Fire Emblem.
Sonic the Hedgehog - C'mon, Mario vs. Sonic has been brewing for YEARS, and Sakurai's already trying to get Sega to let them put him in.
King Dedede, from the Kirby games - Relatively likely, since there hasn't been another Kirby character added up until MetaKnight's confirmation.
King K.Rool / The Kremlings - Donkey Kong needs a villain, and if they add Diddy Kong, which is an extremely high possibility due to Rare reviving the franchise, K.Rool could fit well.
Mega Man, X, or Zero (Mega Man/X) - Possible, but Capcom would more likely donate MegaMan.EXE or the GBA version of Zero, unfortunately, and both of those characters suck ass.
Ryu, Akuma, or Dan (Street Fighter) - Their Pocket Fighter modes would make the transition quite well, and Chibi Akuma doesn't get enough love.
Soma Cruz, Alucard, or Simon/Trevor/Richter Belmont (Castlevania Series) - There are rumors one of the stages shown in the trailer is a Castlevania-based one already, and a Belmont would make an awesome transition. Alucard and Soma would also work well with the fanboys.
Crono or Magus (Crono Trigger) - unlikely as hell, but I can dream!
One or all of the Koopa Kids - These guys need some more exposure. They're extremely unlikely, as Nintendo seems to have phased them out in favor of the incredibly boring Bowser Jr., but even a name or trophy reference would be awesome.
A Fire Emblem character that ISN'T a Lord (Jaffar, Lyn or Karel, for starters) - At least ONE Emblem character is likely to make it in, be it Marth or Roy, or a new one. Let's hope they don't just have cloned Marth/Roy movesets.

Sure, most of this is likely wishful thinking, but maybe Nintendo will wisen up and add some more characters from the less blatantly obvious titles. Captain Falcon, Ness, and the FE boys were a huge smash.

That being said, if the Wii is truly 200 bucks? I'll have no problem putting down some cash for one, although I'll be fucked if I have to pay for my entire SNES/GB/N64 library all over again. They should work out some way that if you have games for the old consoles, you input their serial numbers or something and they let you download them for free. I'm sure it'd be abused, but eh. We'll see.

5/4/06 06:21 am - Been a while.

It's finals week, it's 6 AM, I'm hardly tired (slept until 3 this afternoon, mwahahahaha!), and I've got stuff to rant about. Nothin' bad, though. Just games, the extreme amount of them I've come into possession of in the past few months.

Kingdom Hearts 2: Amazing. Fantastic. Fun-tacular. Completed it on Standard Mode with 97% completion, and frankly, I'm done. It was fun while it lasted, but that last 3% is just too much. Sorry Hades Paradox Cup. You're goin' unbeaten.

Elder Scrolls - Oblivion: ...meh. Simply meh.

Guitar Hero: Haven't played it for about a week and a half since before I was quarantined for my allergy attacks...but it's fun! I should get back to it. The classic rock calls to me.

Atelier Iris 2 - The Azoth of Destiny: Well, it's fun, but DEAR GOD is it rushed. Couldn't they have added more than three frames of animation in battle? Or on the overworld, for that matter? It just reeks of a speedy completion, even if the alchemy system is pretty fun.

Tetris DS: ...god, I love this game and I don't know why. The melding of Tetris and classic Nintendo fit together incredibly well for me, seeing as I never owned an NES. Nevertheless, the Balloon Fight levels bring back extreme nostalgia for my babysitter's place (she had an NES with Balloon Fight, which I consistently owned all of the neighbor kids at). Finally "beat" Standard Mode earlier tonight.

Most important, though, is the high score I got while playing Endless Mode. 630456 points. Holy shit...that is by far the BEST Tetris score I've ever accumulated in my 15 years of having a copy of the game (I got a copy with my original classic Game Boy back in '89!). Just...wow. To use the parlance of our times, when ti comes to Tetris DS, I have uber-micro. Whoo.

But now...sleep. I'll comment on the DVDs I've picked up recently sometime soon. See y'all.

2/1/06 05:02 pm - Mid-homework post, inspired by Akemi's find a few days ago.

Live-action Katamari.

...that is all.

1/26/06 11:36 am - Fuck it all.

Well, this is just plain lovely. My college seems utterly determined to DESTROY any enjoyment I derive from my computer. On Sunday, I was playing City of Heroes when all of a sudden the game stopped working. Yes, that's right. Stopped working. The college broke the game to prevent me from using it.

Flash forward to Tuesday night...I was feeling bored and wanted to do something on Animal Crossing. I booted up my DS and tried connecting, but inexplicably, while initiating the connection process, the moment I tried to enter anyone else's town, the DS would automatically disconnect. They blocked the DS Wi-Fi Connection, a completely harmless, low-bandwidth connection. You can't send virii around with an NDS and you most certainly don't take up that much bandwidth driving little cars around or running around in a tiny little cartoon town.

And now this morning. I woke up late, and having no classes, tried to sign onto IRC. "Unable to resolve server." Over 100 times. I tried connecting to other IRC servers, such as DynastyNet, and I got in no problems at all. So unless I've somehow recieved an IP ban from PSXDude, which isn't likely because I haven't done anything destructive that I know of, my school has tried AGAIN to stop me from using IRC. The first time they tried it, they blocked ports 6667-6669, so I made IRC use port 7000 and everything was fine. Now it doesn't even give me the same error message. When connecting to other servers, ports 6667-6669 are still blocked, but 7000 and up work. Now, I hardly care at all about IRC anymore, and were it JUST IRC that was blocked, I probably wouldn't be very angry. I'd find a way around it. But instead, it's everything I've tried to use the computer for besides web browsing this week that's just been completely and without warning shut off.

Fuck it all. I'm going to the network admin's office this afternoon and getting this fixed. I haven't done anything wrong. I haven't been downloading illegal files through IRC, I haven't been hacking people through City of Heroes, and my DS is completely fucking harmless. Of course, this could also backfire and result in me losing ALL net access.

But at this rate, I hardly give a shit.

1/18/06 05:50 pm - Ugh..

I think my brain has been sucked out of my skull.

Since about 3:30 or 4 this afternoon, I've felt inexplicably lightheaded and just overwhelmingly shitty. I fall over when I try to stand, and my eyelids feel like they're being pulled down by several-ton weights. I want to sleep, but I have class in 45 minutes. A 3-hour long class where the topic of discussion for the week is Huck Finn, a book I hated even back in high school, no less. I may just ask my professor if I can arc out early...I feel like a dead man. And it's strange, because I had an amazingly good afternoon, ate a big lunch, and watched a movie. I know better than to worry needlessly about uncontrollable things, but still, this does unsettle me a little bit.

1/7/06 07:34 pm - For the Nippon Ichi fans in the audience...

Disgaea Anime Trailer. That is all.

12/21/05 02:40 am - Alex's prayers have been answered.

Tifa's in KH2.

That is all.

11/25/05 02:54 am - Mid-Hiatus Post of DOOOOOOOM!

Well, as I promised, I'm posting during my hiatus/vacation, just so people know what's going on. To start it all off...happy Thanksgiving, everyone, even though I'm personally not a big fan of the holiday.

Mario Kart DS = God in handheld form
Wild ARMs: Alter Code F = A nostalgic's dream
Thanksgiving = Boring as usual
Stargate = Still going strong
Weather = Cold.

That's about the gist of it, heh...I've been gone for a while, at least it feels like a while. Even talking to people on AIM isn't really the same. So, stupidly...I signed onto IRC last night. It seems that nothing's changed (not like I expected any sweeping differences after just one week away) and I was, well, kinda right in taking some time off. I need to get away from the randomness, the cuteness, and the arguments. Especially with finals coming just around the corner. I still have a lot of work to do before the end of the year, even though I only have one final exam. I think, most likely, even if I DO decide to come back after vacation is over, it'll not be in the same capacity as before. We'll see.

Next up...I got Mario Kart DS, finally, on Monday. Great. Fucking. Game. I can't stress this enough. I've played it on the Wi-Fi Connection a few times, (and lost almost every race) but I really prefer playing with people I know. If any of ya have the game, poke me with your Friend Code and we can duel some time.

Wild ARMs Alter Code F is another great game, but I'm a little saddened by the fact that it was released practically in tandem with Dragon Quest VIII and thus will probably not sell well at all. It's unfortunate, but true. The lack of any voice acting whatsoever in the game is rather evident (AGETEC removed voices from battles and took out the vocals from certain songs), especially in this day and age where movie actors are beginning to voice characters. Maybe I'm spoiled by Kingdom Hearts, I dunno. I still love the game, though, and I recommend it to any fans of classic RPGs.

Thanksgiving went pretty shittily as usual, but eh, nothing really to elaborate on. It's just a boring holiday. At least I get the week off. Sadly, the first snowfall has accompanied this boring day, and now the weather will be crappy for the rest of the year. Oh well.

Needless to say, it's been a tiring week thus far, with two new video games to master, a family determined to give me hell, and the biting chill of the winter months all floating around me. As much as I hate to say it, I'll be glad when I get back to school on Sunday morning. At least then I can have some privacy, some time to myself without idiots ridiculing me or people OCDing about the stupidest things, and I get my own computer back instead of this busted box of garbage with a damaged space bar and glitchy mouse.

I'll catch you all on the flip side (of the weekend).

11/18/05 03:28 am - The end, for now.

Welp, this is it.  When I go to bed tonight, I won't be back at MSF for...well, at least a week, at most forever.  *chuckles*  Haven't decided.  I'll try to get around to updating this every now and then while I'm gone, but I don't know how much'll happen that'll warrant actual posts.

I'll try and keep in touch via AIM, but I've got some stuff to worry about IRL that will take precedence most times.  So for now, this is goodbye.  I'll probably be back at some point, though.

See you, space cowboy.

11/16/05 02:07 pm - Ugh.

The heroes of all time have gone before us. The labyrinth is thoroughly known. We have only to follow the thread of the hero path, and where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god. And where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves. Where we had thought to travel outward, we will come to the center of our own existence. And where we had thought to be alone, we will be with all the world.
- Joseph Campbell

I had a rather nice, introspective entry typed up here that dealt with my recent issues, both physical and internet-based.  Of course, since everything seems to be systematically going to hell lately, that doesn't get to work out so well.  I'll try and rewrite it tonight, but eh...I have projects to do.
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