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Fuck it all.

Well, this is just plain lovely. My college seems utterly determined to DESTROY any enjoyment I derive from my computer. On Sunday, I was playing City of Heroes when all of a sudden the game stopped working. Yes, that's right. Stopped working. The college broke the game to prevent me from using it.

Flash forward to Tuesday night...I was feeling bored and wanted to do something on Animal Crossing. I booted up my DS and tried connecting, but inexplicably, while initiating the connection process, the moment I tried to enter anyone else's town, the DS would automatically disconnect. They blocked the DS Wi-Fi Connection, a completely harmless, low-bandwidth connection. You can't send virii around with an NDS and you most certainly don't take up that much bandwidth driving little cars around or running around in a tiny little cartoon town.

And now this morning. I woke up late, and having no classes, tried to sign onto IRC. "Unable to resolve server." Over 100 times. I tried connecting to other IRC servers, such as DynastyNet, and I got in no problems at all. So unless I've somehow recieved an IP ban from PSXDude, which isn't likely because I haven't done anything destructive that I know of, my school has tried AGAIN to stop me from using IRC. The first time they tried it, they blocked ports 6667-6669, so I made IRC use port 7000 and everything was fine. Now it doesn't even give me the same error message. When connecting to other servers, ports 6667-6669 are still blocked, but 7000 and up work. Now, I hardly care at all about IRC anymore, and were it JUST IRC that was blocked, I probably wouldn't be very angry. I'd find a way around it. But instead, it's everything I've tried to use the computer for besides web browsing this week that's just been completely and without warning shut off.

Fuck it all. I'm going to the network admin's office this afternoon and getting this fixed. I haven't done anything wrong. I haven't been downloading illegal files through IRC, I haven't been hacking people through City of Heroes, and my DS is completely fucking harmless. Of course, this could also backfire and result in me losing ALL net access.

But at this rate, I hardly give a shit.
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