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Been a while.

It's finals week, it's 6 AM, I'm hardly tired (slept until 3 this afternoon, mwahahahaha!), and I've got stuff to rant about. Nothin' bad, though. Just games, the extreme amount of them I've come into possession of in the past few months.

Kingdom Hearts 2: Amazing. Fantastic. Fun-tacular. Completed it on Standard Mode with 97% completion, and frankly, I'm done. It was fun while it lasted, but that last 3% is just too much. Sorry Hades Paradox Cup. You're goin' unbeaten.

Elder Scrolls - Oblivion: ...meh. Simply meh.

Guitar Hero: Haven't played it for about a week and a half since before I was quarantined for my allergy attacks...but it's fun! I should get back to it. The classic rock calls to me.

Atelier Iris 2 - The Azoth of Destiny: Well, it's fun, but DEAR GOD is it rushed. Couldn't they have added more than three frames of animation in battle? Or on the overworld, for that matter? It just reeks of a speedy completion, even if the alchemy system is pretty fun.

Tetris DS: ...god, I love this game and I don't know why. The melding of Tetris and classic Nintendo fit together incredibly well for me, seeing as I never owned an NES. Nevertheless, the Balloon Fight levels bring back extreme nostalgia for my babysitter's place (she had an NES with Balloon Fight, which I consistently owned all of the neighbor kids at). Finally "beat" Standard Mode earlier tonight.

Most important, though, is the high score I got while playing Endless Mode. 630456 points. Holy shit...that is by far the BEST Tetris score I've ever accumulated in my 15 years of having a copy of the game (I got a copy with my original classic Game Boy back in '89!). To use the parlance of our times, when ti comes to Tetris DS, I have uber-micro. Whoo.

But now...sleep. I'll comment on the DVDs I've picked up recently sometime soon. See y'all.
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